Issue CDC

CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate) is a pass to step into ship, subsequent seafaring and Visiting around the ports of countries of the world. This is issued from a government shipping office under the merchant shipping ordinance-1983. Information related to sea-service, performance and medical fitness are continually recorded in a CDC.

Shipping Master, Chittagong issues CDC as per direction of section 10a of MSO-1983.
The following categories of CDC are being issued by this office.

  1. For fresher Seamen after being trained and passed-out from National Maritime Institute, Chittagong.
  2. For Marine Academy Cadets (Nautical and Engineering).
  3. For Direct-entry Cadets (Nautical and Engineering).
  4. For direct Nautical and Engineering officers (Competency Certificate holder).
  5. For Supernumerary.

The following documents are basically needed along with an application by the candidate at the time of issuance CDC.

  1. Three (03) copies of passport size and one (01) copy of stamp size ( 25 × 20 mm ) photo.
  2. Nationality and Character certificate.
  3. Police verification report.
  4. Medical report from Port health office, Chittagong.
  5. Attested photocopy of educational certificates.
  6. No objection certificate from Department of Shipping, Dhaka.
  7. Sight test and color vision certificate from Mercantile Marine Department, Chittagong.
  8. Govt. fees amounting to Tk 666/-

?          N.B. Detail requirements of documents are stated in the citizen Charter.